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We have been producing visitor maps since 1992, and now cover Limerick, Cork, Ennis & Clare, The Burren, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and Galway. In fact for many years we were the only organisation producing GuideMaps for visitors.

GuideMaps are requested by nearly every set of visitors. It’s always one of the first questions asked of every receptionist and host on arrival. Whether visitors are in your area for a day or longer they seek out visitor maps.

Glance GuideMaps are designed only with the visitor in mind. We highlight the attractions, car parks, one way streets, street buildings and items of interest, and detail much information to interpet the area featured.

The GuideMaps are printed each year in time for the start of the season and their distribution partners with our brochure display product, so you can be certain that hundreds of outlets are visited each week and replenished with sufficient stocks.


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