Making your brochures available to be ordered email link


32% of visitors call into tourist offices while on holiday so they continue in being an important outlet to have your brochures displayed in.

Working with tourist offices we know that one of their problems is finding the time to contact attractions to request more brochures. Working with multiple attractions we know that one of their problems in the busy season is finding time to respond to requests for more brochures!

To help both parties each year Glance provide to all tourist offices a compendium of our client brochures and accompanying order forms. The tourist office staff now use these order forms to order a range of brochures they desire. So with just one piece of paper, and a Freepost service, they can order 100s of attraction brochures, and receive them when they need them. Orders can also be placed online at

The cost for attractions to avail of this service is just the cost of postage. We levy no charge for storage, picking, packing, packaging, or reporting!

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